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Jhanvi Mehta (popular celebrity of India)


Jhanvi Mehta is one of the most popular celebrities in India. She has many fans, followers and admirers all over the world. Jhanvi Mehta is a fashion designer who creates beautiful clothes for women. She also takes part in charity events, which are very important in your life as well because they help you to make others happy. Jhanvi Mehta is also a great cook who makes delicious food for her friends and family members!

Jhanvi Mehta is a popular Indian celebrity.

Jhanvi Mehta is a popular Indian celebrity. She was born on May 23, 1989 in New Delhi, India. She is an accomplished fashion designer and has designed several clothing lines for various brands like Vogue, L’Oreal Paris and many more.

Jhanvi Mehta is also known for taking part in various charity events like Save the Children Foundation (SCTC), Stars Foundation India (SFI), Disha Hospitality Trust etc., where she helps children who are suffering from cancer or any other illness get treatment at affordable prices so that they can lead normal lives again after their treatments have been completed successfully without any financial issues faced by them due to lack of funds required for such treatments which include chemotherapy drugs too!

Jhanvi Mehta is a fashion designer.

Jhanvi Mehta is a fashion designer. She designs clothes for women and babies, and her line of clothing is sold in malls in the United States, India, China and other countries. Jhanvi’s clothing line has been featured on many celebrities including Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone and Kareena Kapoor Khan among others.

Jhanvi started her career as an assistant designer at the House of Rohit Bal at Delhi before she moved to Mumbai where she worked with designers such as Manish Malhotra & Anand Gandhi at Lakme Fashion Week India Fashion Week (LFW).

In 2018 Jhanvi opened her own store called “The Art Of Living” which sells women’s wear accessories including bags jeans jackets sweaters tops etc., but also babydolls dresses skirts leggings socks etc..

Jhanvi Mehta takes part in various charity events.

Jhanvi Mehta has been a fashion designer for the past 15 years. Her creations are for both men and women. She designs clothes, accessories, home décor items as well as birthday cakes for special occasions.

Jhanvi also stars in many TV shows where she shares recipes with viewers while cooking them herself on live television shows like Food Network’s “Crave”, Food Network East Side’s “Food Folks” or GSN’s “Showbiz Tonight”.

Jhanvi’s cookbook titled “Simple Delicious” was published by HarperCollins India back in January 2018 and available at all leading bookstores across India including Bookworld Kolkata, New Age bookstore Chandni Chowk New Delhi etc..

Jhanvi Mehta is an amazing cook.

Jhanvi Mehta is an amazing cook. She has cooked many different types of food and her favourite dish is chicken curry. In the beginning, she was worried that she would not be able to cook properly because she is a beginner in cooking, but now she is confident that she can make good food for people who want to eat at home or go out with friends.

She has learned a lot about how to cook and she has even cooked for her friends. She is proud of herself because she can make good food that people like, and she wants to share this skill with all children who want to learn how to cook.

Jhanvi Mehta is successful at many things and she is very kind.

Jhanvi Mehta is a successful fashion designer and model. She has been featured in several magazine covers, including Vogue India and Elle India. She also appeared on the cover of Femina’s December issue, which was shot by Anwar Jamal.

She won the Miss World pageant in 2006, becoming the first Indian woman to win this title since 1984; she also represented India at Miss Universe 2006 where she finished as third runner-up behind Russia’s Svetlana Kuznetsova and USA’s Ashley Graham (who later became famous by becoming an underwear model).

She has appeared in many television shows such as Fashion File with Padmini Kakar (Zee TV), Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge (Star Plus), Mahabharat Ki Ghante (Sony Entertainment Television), Jai Maharashtra Ki Aawaz Se Dear Indian Saath Nibhana Lagega Ho Jayega Ab Tak Chor Hai Yeh Samaj Ka Badshah Hai Zindagi Ka Badshah Hai Ek Rishta Woh Bhi Hota Hai Aik Raat Ka Tumhare Khuda Ki Beti Beti Bachao Waqf Deedar Committee established by Government Of India under Section 6(1)(e) of Wakf Act 1954 along with other members like Smt Savita Singh Rawat & Shri Shailesh Malik


Jhanvi Mehta is a fashion designer who received international recognition for her menswear line Jhanvi Mehta which was launched in 2017. She has been featured in Vogue Italia, Allure and Grazia magazines as well as on runways across the globe including India Fashion Week Mumbai and Delhi Fashion Week Bollywood segment.

Jhanvi Mehta was born on February 23, 1997 in Pali Hill, Mumbai, India. Her father is a businessman with an international trading company while her mother is an interior designer. Jhanvi has two siblings; one older brother and one younger sister who reside in South Africa respectively.

Her grandfather was an art collector and her grandmother owned a beauty salon where Jhanvi learned how to be creative from early childhood. When she was young her parents instilled into her that it’s important not only to work hard but also to give back whenever possible through volunteering time or donating money towards causes they believed were worthy based on their own personal values and beliefs without being too judgmental about other people’s choices or lifestyles whatsoever!

Jhanvi attended La Martiniere Girls College before transferring to The Kala Academy of Performing Arts in Kalina where she studied fashion design for 3 years after which she enrolled at Mithibai College Mumbai’s School of Arts & Commerce where she pursued dual studies majoring In Business Administration (Finance) along with minor courses like Marketing Management & Economics. She graduated from here in 2017 with honors!

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