Homecoming season 3 is a podcast and an Amazon TV series.


In this article, we’ll look at the premise of Homecoming season 3, what to expect from the show and where it is set. We will also give you some tips on how to watch it.

Not much is known about Homecoming season 3 just yet.

Nothing is known about Homecoming season 3 just yet, but it’s clear that the show isn’t done. The show was recently renewed for a new run of episodes and will continue on as a podcast and an Amazon TV series.

While Julia Roberts has not been cast in any capacity, there are some new faces in town who could play characters from within the first two seasons of Homecoming: Anna Wood as Ella Fitzgerald, James Norton as Cade Courtland and Cameron Britton (who played Erik Voorhees) as Paul Kellerman who were all featured prominently during Season 1.

Homecoming season 3 will also be a podcast and an Amazon TV series.

Homecoming season 3 will also be a podcast and an Amazon TV series.

The writers of the show have said that they’re trying to do something different with this season, so it sounds like they’ll be exploring some new territory while staying true to what makes Homecoming great—the relationships between characters and their journeys as they try to find their place in the world.

Homecoming season 3 will not star Julia Roberts.

The first two seasons of Homecoming season 3 were based on the work of writer Beau Willimon, and while he continued to work on season 3, Julia Roberts was not involved. There is no word yet as to who will replace her in the role of Heidi.

The show’s third season will also be different from its predecessors in that it has been split into two parts: Part 1 begins airing September 23rd and features Heidi meeting a new character named Rachel (played by Amy Hargreaves). The second half begins airing October 6th but does not have an official title yet.

It’s possible Homecoming season 3 could have a new lead every season.

There’s a chance that Homecoming could have a new lead every season.

The show is a mystery-box show, which means it doesn’t follow an episodic format or stick to one location. It can move around between different locations and characters as it wants. If Julia Roberts wasn’t coming back for Season 3, then maybe she will return in future seasons—but there’s no guarantee that she will.

Season 3 was filmed in Los Angeles (with some scenes shot in New York), so it’s possible that the show could take place entirely there or even somewhere else entirely!

Season 2 will feature new characters.

Season 2 will feature new characters, a new setting and a new story.

The second season of Homecoming will take place at the same time as the first season: during the Cold War. The main character, Frank Fring (Vince Gilligan), is back in business with his brother Bill (David Costabile) and nephew Walter (Michael McKean). This time around we get to see more of their operation—which involves selling weapons to rival gangs across America—and how it affects their family life.

We also get to learn more about what happens after Walter flees from Albuquerque by stealing a car with some cash in it: he ends up crashing into someone else’s car while driving drunk on an empty road; he manages not only to survive but also get out of jail before anyone finds out who they were dealing with…

The show won’t follow the same format as the first two seasons.

Homecoming season 3, which will premiere on November 28th, will be a podcast and an Amazon TV series. It won’t star Julia Roberts as she has done in previous seasons. The show could have another lead actor every season who is not necessarily Homecoming’s protagonist from season 1 to 3.

Season 2 follows Sean Keenan (Pablo Schreiber) as he returns home after serving time in prison for accidentally killing his best friend while drunk driving and trying to get over her ex-boyfriend who was killed on their wedding day by getting drunk with him at a bar where they met up before going out together later that night where things turned sour.

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Homecoming is sticking to its mystery-box premise, with only a few confirmed details about season 3.

If you’re a Homecoming fan, then you’ve likely heard about the show’s mystery-box premise. The series is based on true stories, and although some characters from season 2 have been confirmed to return (including Alia Shawkat and Julia Roberts), it’s not clear how many of them will actually be in Homecoming 3.

The third season of Homecoming has been shrouded in secrecy since its announcement last year—with very few details released about what we can expect from the upcoming season so far. We know that it will feature new characters who aren’t part of an established family dynamic; we also know that there will be no Julia Roberts as she was unable to reprise her role as Liz Fairewood because she had scheduling conflicts with other projects.

Season 3 may not stick with its traditional format but don’t worry too much because things still seem pretty promising!


The mystery is still there, but we hope that the availability of the cast and crew will give us more information about season 3. If it’s anything like season 2, then there should be plenty of twists and turns through the full length of this new series.

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