CSS Pakistan is a competitive exam for the candidates to get the government job.


CSS Pakistan is a competitive exam for the candidates to get the government job. This exam is conducted by the FPSC and it is mandatory for some government services. The syllabus of CSS Pakistan includes various subjects like computer science, mathematics, physics and chemistry among others.

CSS Pakistan is a competitive exam

CSS Pakistan is a competitive exam conducted by FPSC. It is a gateway to government jobs and public service in Pakistan, as well as an opportunity for those who have passed the exam to get employed at different levels of government, including district administration and municipalities.

The flagship program of FPSC, CSS has been designed with an aim to provide basic education to poor girls through free distance learning (online) mode so that they can acquire skills required by their future career paths or become self-reliant members of society by developing their own business acumen.

CSS Pakistan is conducted by FPSC

FPSC is the conducting body of CSS Pakistan and has been functioning since 1959. It is an autonomous body with its own rules, regulations and procedures. The FPSC was formed to provide efficient public service delivery while ensuring that civil servants are well trained and motivated to perform their duties conscientiously.

The primary task of FPSC is to recruit qualified candidates into government service through promotions or transfers within the same cadre grade (i.e., promotion/transfer) or other cadres if required; appoint retired officials in vacant positions; withdraw disciplinary action against staff who have been found guilty of misconduct by competent authorities; advise on policy matters related to personnel management including recruitment procedures for posts under various departments such as education, health etc.; handle grievances from employees regarding any aspect relating to their employment conditions such as salaries fixation etc., etc..

Education is required for CSS Pakistan

  • CSS Pakistan is a competitive exam.
  • It is conducted by FPSC, the federal government’s recruitment agency.
  • Education is required for CSS Pakistan and two attempts are allowed for those who qualify in their first attempt. The syllabus can be downloaded from the official website of FPSC or through websites such as StudyHacker or Prepify (which also offers free study materials).

Two attempts are allowed

You can attempt the exam twice. However, you must wait for a year before attempting it again. This means that if you fail your first attempt, then you will need to wait until after 12 months have passed before taking another one in order to get certified by CSS Pakistan.

There is no limit on how many times someone can take an exam or how many attempts they may make at getting their certification; however there is a minimum requirement of 100 hours of practical training that must be completed before going up against any type of test or paper-based examination (such as those offered by CSS).

Syllabus of CSS Pakistan

The syllabus of CSS Pakistan is available online. The syllabus of CSS Pakistan can be divided into three parts:

  • Part 1: General Information about the Course and Its Objectives
  • Part 2: Basic Knowledge in Design, Graphics and Typography
  • Part 3: Advanced Knowledge in Design, Graphics and Typography

CSS Pakistan is mandatory for some government services.

Candidates who are willing to serve in Pakistan can apply for CSS Pakistan.

If you are not willing to serve in Pakistan, then you can also apply for CSS Pakistan.

Some information about CSS Pakistan

CSS Pakistan is a competitive exam, conducted by FPSC. It is required for government services such as:

  • Teachers, who are responsible for teaching students at all levels of education.
  • Public Health Inspectors, who monitor the sanitation and hygiene facilities in hospitals and other health care institutions.

The syllabus differs slightly depending on whether you’re applying for a job as a teacher or public health inspector; however, there’s one thing that they both have in common: You need to have your bachelor’s degree or higher before even applying!


CSS Pakistan is the most popular exam in Pakistan. It’s a test of knowledge and skills in computer science, technology and engineering. This exam is compulsory for some government services such as police force, armed forces and bank employees. In this article, we will give you an overview of CSS Pakistan 2018 syllabus and examination pattern followed by FPSC.

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